Cinnabon Recipe

Hey Everyone

I wanted to make these for New Years morning but didn’t want to wake up @ 3am to make them.

Does anyone know if I can make the dough the nite before? That way all I would have to do in the morning is roll them out, prepare them and bake?


Absolutely! I make them the night before and put them in the pan I will cook them in. Depending on the time I get them in the refridgerator, all I do is put them in the oven in the morning. Sometimes, If I’m late getting it to the refridgerator, I might have to let them finish rising in the morning and that is usually 30 minutes.


Happy New Year.


Thank You. I can’t wait to make them now, I was kinda dredding it cos of the time.

Happy New Year

Hey I finally made these. I got them ready to bake, set them in the oven overnite. When I woke the next morning I baked them. Everyone raved at how good they were.

thanks for your help

I’m glad all enjoyed them. They are always a big hit when made.
Keep on baking.

hello there i love cinnabon and trying different recipe if i will have anew recipe that is excellent one please write it :smiley: