Trying to get a response about the Red Raspberry Trifle Nebulized posted which involves red claret. I think it is liquour or wine. What can be substitued if claret is hard to find or too expensive. Thanks.

[b]Claret; Define Claret at
Claret definition, the red table wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France: originally it was light red or yellowish.

Claret - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
The meaning of “claret” has changed over time to refer to a dry, dark red Bordeaux.[1] It has remained a term associated with the English upper class, and consequently does appear on bottles of generic red Bordeaux in an effort to raise its status in the market–it’s a dark rose wine…

SOOOO, it would mean to me that I could use any good dark red wine.
Maybe someone else will have a better answer.[/b]

Cindy, I agree with you & thanks for posting that info. Claret is a heavy red wine, usually considered an ‘enhanced wine’, meaning a higher alcohol content & deeper taste…I’d never drink it. It is also a rich & very sweet wine. A little goes a long way. My thought only, substitute a red cream sherry wine or even a Merlot. The cream sherry is very sweet, the Merlot has a deep rich flavor, more a cooking wine than a drinking wine (or at least for us). Good Luck and again, flavors vary per each person’s taste.