Cleaning fruit, chemical free and easy

We all have the frustrating experience day after day on how quick the fruits perish after purchased and taken home!

Fill sink with water, add 1 cup vinegar and stir. Add fruit and soak for 10 minutes.
The water becomes dirty, and the fruit will sparkle with no wax or dirty film.
Fruit will keep much longer in the fridge.

This will also wash away our fears and doubts about the pesticides and chemicals on the various fruits.

That’s how I’ve done it for years - and it works.

as a matter of fact - I don’t know what was wrong with our strawberries up here this year - but once picked they certainly didn’t last very long - but cleaning them this way allowed them to last much longer!

How much longer does the fresh strawberries keep?

because of the condition of the strawberries delivered to the market many were forced into buying them to eat in a day or two - my friend bought 3 packages on a Thursday for a dessert on Saturday and more than half rotted on her

I found that I was able to keep them for a week - and I think they would have lasted longer but the little guy loves his fruit and ate them quickly - but at least I was able to buy a good quantity and not worry about it

My concern is in the nature of the fruit. As if it is anything not well-known, the best way is to ask professional help. I hope, there are a lot of companies providing so.