Hi, I have inherited a church kitchen with lots of baking pans and trays and t griddle that are all the victim of years of neglect. They are dirty, scuzzy, old baked on grease and whatever. How do I clean all of this? What do I use?

Been there - done that!

I don’t know what kind of a griddle you have - if it is a large restaurant one - then it was cleaned with a brick and abrasive cleaners. Some grills are better cleaned while nice and hot - and you have to be careful with that - I got the scars to prove it! One chef cleaned his grill with the brick, abrasive and ice. It took a lot of elbow grease - but once it got to looking brand-spankin’ new - it was all worth it. A lot of steel wool, brillo/SOS pads and sweat went into it. Smaller grills - steel wool, brillo/SOS.

Pans that were so neglected that the bottoms were disgusting - I would spray with easy-off oven cleaner and place in a plastic trash can liner with ammonia drizzled in; tie up good 'n tight and let sit overnight. I did the same with oven racks, the bottom of the oven with all the baked on crap, etc.

You can do the same with baking tins and trays. Once you get them in the shape you want them - then it is easier to keep clean…as long as you scrub them real good after every use!

Be careful opening up the bags with ammonia in them - the fumes are very strong. Use a mask if you have to!

I don’t envy you - I’ve done it so many times!!!

Good luck!

Kitchen Witch


thanks, I’ll give it a shot.

You’re welcomed - and you can pick up a good cleaning brick at a restaurant supply house - or maybe there is a restaurant that will sell you one - if you need it.