Coca Cola Chicken & Rice

Tonight I am going to cook Coca-Cola Chicken & Rice… It is winter here (New Zealand), so I would usually do a salad with it, but it’s just not the weather! LOL…

Anyone else have other suggestions for what to have with Coca Cola Chicken?

The Coca Cola Chicken &rice Recipe; When Do You Add The Chicken And How Do You Prepare The Chicken?

Where is the recipe for the coca-Cola Chicken & Rice recipe???

Coca Cola chicken !!! wow it sound interesting but also extraordinary??
what kind of this menu? is it chicken soup or fired chicken?
Do you have picture?

No Michael I don’t have a clue what is it was put in the recipes by emma or somenting. I can’t find it in any or the reciped nor in any section.

LOL, if you do find it just shoot me a copy of it or tell me where to go to find it.


These recipes sound very good. We eat alot of chicken and it is so nice to find new recipes.

It is so nice to fine something that you can prepare a lot ways and we also eat a lot of chicken.