coconut green curry with tofu


I really enjoy the flavors of Thai curry, the mix of the sweet and hint of spiciness hit the spot for me. To make this 100 percent vegetarian just substitute vegetable broth for chicken broth. I just can’t use vegetable broth as it contains tomato. If you are a meat eater you could always replace chicken for the tofu. Last, if you like your curry to have a big kick then use red curry paste instead of the green paste. This recipe is definitely a lighter and healthier version of a traditional curry that some purists may not enjoy, however everyone I have ever made this for says it hits the spot.

1 can chicken or vegetable broth
1 can light coconut milk
3 T green curry paste
small can bamboo shoots
1/2 small red onion, chopped
1 cup asparagus, chopped
1 small head of broccoli
3 t Splenda or sugar [using sugar will change nutritional content amounts below]
1 t canola oil
1/2 package extra firm tofu


I prefer to steam my broccoli and asparagus separate from my curry mixture and add at the end.

Now heat a pan over medium-high heat. Add 3 T of the coconut milk to the pan and the green curry paste. Stir while it heats until the mix bubbles. Add the onion and saute for two to three minutes until it begins to become translucent. If you need more liquid go ahead and add a little more coconut milk. Once onion is cooked, add the stock and the remainder of the coconut milk. Let simmer and taste. Add a teaspoon at a time sugar or Splenda and taste. I used three teaspoons of Splenda this time but it varies depending on the brand of coconut milk. The key is to add enough to bring out the coconut milk flavor. Also, add a dash of salt helps to balance the flavor if needed as it helps to bring the sweetness out as well. This time I used a pinch, again it depends on your stock.

Once you have the sweetness balanced to your liking add your steamed broccoli, asparagus and the bamboo shoots. Turn down to warm/low and cover.

Now pan fry your tofu. To do this I like to cut my tofu into rectangles so I can turn and brown each side. Heat the canola oil over medium high and add tofu. Cook until light brown.

To serve, put rice in a bowl if you wish then add tofu and curry mix. I enjoy this with or without rice.

Be sure to check the ingredients in your green curry paste if you want 100% vegetarian. Most curry pastes have fish sauce and shrimp paste.

Perfect for people who are in a tight diet like me. :slight_smile:

I love thai curries, the spicier the better I think.