Coconut oil

[b]This is kinda a new thing I’ve been studying about. Seems coconut oil full of saturated fats isn’t the demon we once feared it was.
If your body has enough calories and fat for that day, any butter consumed becomes ‘stored’ fat. Yet with coconut oil, some how only 40% becomes stored fat, and the other 60% goes into revving up your metabolism. Trust me, this is a shock to most nutritionists.
Crap ! I had a ton of info from a “Doc. Oz” site, but they don’t allow copy & paste.
So anyways, if you can add coconut oil to your diet, its a plus.
STILL>>>it sucks to fry with. Or even to use in mashed potatoes. Seem the smell of coconut is ever present. Like if ya’ use corn oil, it does make everything taste like corn, but if ya’ use coconut oil, it makes everything smell like coconut. ~did ya’ note I said ‘SMELL’, coz it doesn’t really impart that taste, but just try and tell your nose that.
So anyone here using coconut oil. I imagine it would be great for tropical flavored dishes, but using it to replace butter or plain oil for cooking eggs (and tons of other things), just makes ya’ think there’s coconut in the eggs, mostly coz of the aroma.
I wanna use coconut oil more often, but has anyone found a way to get beyond the aroma?

and next I’m off to find an info repost about about coconut oil~damn you Doc Oz (cept a lot of products have been copping his name, so I don’t blame him)[/b]

OK, hope this info posts;
Coconut Oil and weight loss

Coconut oil and weight loss. It takes fat to lose fat, thats why coconut oil is a great way to lose weight and improve your health. Just over 50% of all Americans are now overweight. Thirty-one percent are obese. Americans are now learning what American farmers already knew about coconut oil 70 years ago. In the 1940s, farmers tried to use coconut oil to fatten their animals, but the reverse happened. The animals became very lean and active. So what did they use to fatten up their animals? Soybean. Most vegetable oils such as soybean, are composed of long chain fatty acids, or triglycerides (LCTs). LCTs are typically stored in the body as fat and lead to weight gain. While coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids, also known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). Natures only source of MCT is found in coconut oil and palm oil. Because of their smaller size, MCTs are quickly used up as a source of energy and not stored as fat. As a result, they do not contribute to weight gain like LCTs. MCTs increase the body`s metabolism by removing stress on the pancreas, thereby burning more calories. When people switch from using vegetable oils to coconut oil, they lose excess body fat without even dieting. When coconut oil is added to food, people tend to feel fuller longer, thereby eating less food at the next meal. The daily use of coconut oil in your diet, is one of the most effective ways for permanent weight loss. There are thousands of studies done on the health benefits of coconut oil. Using coconut oil as a means to lose weight is just one of the benefits.
Hey, give it a try. If the smell doen’t bug ya’, it really sound like this is a HEALTH PLUS

I have used coconut oil - I have used it for frying/sauteing meats, sausages, etc. and there is no taste of coconut at all. As a matter of fact - figure this out - I cannot eat coconut - I get so sick on it - but I can use the coconut oil. I wouldn’t use it for frying eggs/omelets but for meats and some veggies I have.

Thank KW for the reply.
Of all the supposed health benefits of different items, I’ve gotta admit, this coconut oil is hard to deny.
I fried up some pork medallions from a pork tender. Had a slight vanilla flavor. Oil gave off a stong coconut smell, but the pork didn’t really pick it up.
But the next night, still having half the pork tenderloin left, I breaded it. The smell of coconut was over-powering.
I know its a healthy substance to consume, but I really am finding it tough to add to my diet.
And you’re right, it sucks with eggs. :cool:

You’re better off using it for meats!

Hi Insanity,
Those who want healthy hair as coconut oil is one of the best natural nutrition for hair. Coconut oil is beneficial for heart, effective in losing and maintaining body weight and used to treat healing and infection. Coconut oil boosts immune system and prevent you from major health problems.

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I can personally vouch for coconut oil as a great product for your hair. I once had a hair dresser describe my hair as “crispy”, after using coconut oil just a few times the “crispiness” was gone. I bought a jar at Walgreen’s. As I recall it was less that $2.00.

Ha ! Both my sister and I are about to give up on trying the recommended 2tsp. per day. Makes too many thing smell coconutty.
Great to know we can use it for our hair. Thanks.

it can be used with and not all meals that is my opinion anyhow i find it is so healthy i really love using it on my hair and skin not familiar to use it in food thanks a lot for your advice

Coconut oil is best for living healthy life. It is good for hair and skin. It makes our hair strong and healthy and prevent us from many diseases. I suggest every one to use coconut oil.
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