Coffee & Gourmet Coffee Lovers

This is a poll. Please respond. My feelings are hurt. No one has replied. Not one!!!

[b][u]What is your favorite brand of regular coffee?

What is your favorite gourmet coffee?

Do you use a carafe after the coffee is brewed? I read that flavored coffee loses its flavor after fifteen minutes and should not be left in the pot on the burner.

Do you order coffee online? Where?[/u][/b]

We use whole bean coffee.

My favorite regular coffee is Maxwell House. (I know, I am boring.) I really have not known what brands I drink if I may like a coffee as I don’t go to coffee shops regualarly.

I did go to SB and had their Pumpkin Spice and it was delicous. I think it was a latte.

My favorite flavored is Millstone Peppermint which is only out in December. I like their Pumpkin Spice in November.
I also like their Vanilla Nut Bean.

I am seeking the carafe answer.

I have placed an order from Nuts On Line to be delivered before Christmas. Will let you know how that coffee goes.

I bought some Starbucks Holiday Blend in Decaf and it has no taste whatsoever. My son and I neither thought so. Absolutely no flavor. I bought some Christopher Bean Holiday to try last week. Just love the Millstone Peppermint.

Looking forward to reading your replies.

Joy To The World