Company's Best Pickles

My grandmother used to make sweet pickles that she called Company’s Best. Any ideas on these pickles or a recipe? My great aunt once sent me the recipe for 10 day pickles, which was close, but not quite right.

It might be this one:

Company Best Pickles

Recipe By : Simply Good Cooking Pennsylvanis Dutch Style

10 medium cucumbers
8 cups sugar
5 teaspoons salt
2 tablespoons mixed pickling spice
4 cups cider vinegar

Cover whole cucumbers with boiling water. Allow to stand until next
morning. Drain. Repeat procedure on next 3 mornings. On the 5th day,
drain & slice into 1/2 inch pieces. Combine sugar, spice, salt & vinegar.
Bring to a boil & pour over cucmbers. let stand 2 days. On 3rd day, bring
to a boil & seal in hot jars.

                - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NOTE: These should be processed in a boiling water bath to avoid risk of

We always raved about my aunt’s sweet pickles so she finally gave us the recipe. They are the best you’ll find and easy too.
Best Sweet Pickles
1 quart of inexpensive dill pickles ( I use store brand)
1 cup sugar

Drain juice from dill pickles. Stir pickles and sugar together. In one day it will make it’s own juice. Let sit in the refrigerator for three days before serving. Pickles are uniform size and very crispy.

I cannot wait to try this.

I’m curious as to how the pickles have crispness about them since they are not to sit in alum for a while. Also, 1/2 inch size seems a little large to me.

I haven’t tried this recipe yet but I would anticipate the refrigeration and absorption of the sugar molecules have some influence on the pickles.

BTW, the use of Alum (a poison) hasn’t been a recommended method of soaking for years.

I like the idea of making sweet pickles from already canned pickles. It is so hard to find good store canned sweet pickles

Drain and slice a 32 or more oz. jar of inexpensive whole dill pickles. In pickle jar

sliced pickle, sliced onion, some sliced garlic, granulated sugar, tabasco (or hot sauce to taste) . You will use approx. 1 1/2 cups sugar. Shake a few times in the course of an hour. Refrigerate 8 hours and serve.

Janiece, those sound AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to try…how long do they last in the refrigerator since they are not sealed??? Thanks!

My name is Sally. I live in Idaho. I have been a member of this newsletter for quite awhile. I enjoy the Secret recipes that we receive. I am a Senior, and a Grandma with 9 grandkids and 5 great-grandkids. I still love to cook and my husband is a fabulous cook.

I received a recipe one time in a newsletter that said to save the juice from
a bottle of sweet pickles. You can take some dill pickles, place them in the
sweet pickle juice, and after a short time they will taste like sweet pickles.
I have not tried this yet, but intend to.

Sally, I would imagine it would work since the sweet pickles are almost TOO sweet. I will try it also! Sure would be easier than making yourself, not as good, but sometimes who has the time?

I was looking for some quick pickle recipes and now thanks to everyone I have found some that I want to try soon. These sound so easy.

Anyone got a recipe for quick pickled onions

Sounds sooooo good! you should try frying them!

Golden Crunchy Pickled Onion Rings – Tasty Kitchen

Korean Quick Pickled Cucumbers
Yield: 4
• 4 small Korean or Kirby cucumbers
• 3 Tbsp sugar
• 1 Tbsp salt
• 1/4 cup vinegar

  1. Cut cucumbers into uniform strips or round slices (use mandolin for thinner strips)
  2. Sprinkle cucumbers with sugar and salt and toss gently to combine.
  3. Add vinegar, stirring to coat all cucumbers.
  4. Let sit about 20 minutes before serving.

Sorry! I didn’t see your question before! They last indefinitely! Not to worry…they will be consumed first!

I didn’t see your question until now, sorry. The pickles will last indefinitely.

Great!! Thank you!

My aunt ran a company , Pesta Pickles, for many years.
Pickle quality varies greatly. Pesta brought their pickles from India, and had quite a choice of styles. Pickle are aged in brine, or to quicken the process, they are cooked in brine. The amount of aging, or the length of cooking, changes a pickle greatly.
Pesta was bought out by Dean Foods (Bird’s Eye), which markets pickles under various labels (Pied Piper, Aunt Marthas, Milwalkee, etc.), each being of different quality, as far as firmness, brine taste, etc.
Point being, different brands, will create differnet results when using prepared pickles.
Just saying…