Contest - Win A Free Cookbook Package

Hello Guys and Gals,

Today we’re going to have a contest in which the winner will receive our holiday cookbook package for free - 3 cookbooks including:

  • “America’s Most Wanted Recipes”
  • “Holiday Recipe Secrets” - NEW
  • “Tried and True Secret Recipes” - NEW

Over 2,200 people have already reserved their copy of these books in advance at:


We’re in the process of launching our new RSN Online Shop offering merchandise and apparel such as customized cooking aprons, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. The store is still in Beta mode, but it can be found at:

For the contest, we’re looking for the best (funniest, coolest, most clever) slogan for a T-Shirt or Cooking Apron.

We’ve already come up with a few good ones such as:

“Grill Daddy”
“Looking for Guinea Pigs”
“I’m 39 - That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”
“Hot Grilling Granny”
“Back Off! Don’t Get Grilled”

Please post your ideas in this thread. Just log in and hit the ‘Post Reply’ button.

Please keep it clean - no profanity.

The winner will be announced in a couple of days.

UPDATE - Please Cast Your Vote For the Contest Winner:


My choice is because of an apron I made my husband and all the men in the family:

The Grill Meister

My choice for my apron would be:
I’m A
Happy Cooker


It’s Good, but not as good as Granny’s

My choice: Hot, Spicy and my food’s good too!

I am a grandmother of 7 children and they all love my cooking. I posted my idea for the saying because I have been told by my kids that their kids tell them that all the time.

Psyco Deli Mama
Make mine Al Donte!
It ain’t done until the smoke alarm goes off!

Hello, I have a few. I hope that’s alright.

“Pig Out” {with a picture of a pig on it}

“Eat This”

“What’s Cooking”, {I had a resturant with that name}.

“Eat and Get Out”

“It’s Not Your Mothers Cooking”

Thanks for this oppurtunity, have a Happy Thanksgiving…
Peace to you and yours…

I’m a trekkie at heart so my apron would read:

“Darn it Jim! I’m a cook not a doctor!”

Of course, the good doctor did use the more offensive term to darn…and I would prefer that one as it would be more authentic, but it’s a matter of taste (no pun intended).

T-shirt/apron ideas:

The Grillmeister
One Hot Mama!
Don’t Forget to Turn Me!
I Like to Stir Things Up
Watch Me Heat Things Up
Red Hot Mama
Red Hot Papa
I put the I in Ingredients
Sure-Fire Chef
I’m a Whisktaker
This Chef Measures Up!
Terrific. Tempting. Tasteful.
Chef for All Seasons
Nice & Spicy!

NaNa’s Special Everything :wink:

“Beware…Hot Cook in Kitchen”
“Kitchen and Cook are hot”
“Good Cooks, good food, good friends”

Here is my suggestion

Bite my …!

Have fun!

“Beware…Hot Cook in Kitchen”
“Kitchen and Cook are hot”
“Good Cooks, good food, good friends”
“This cook really heats things up”
“The food isn’t the only thing hot and spicy”
“Special requests welcomed here”
“I can fix it the way you want it”
“All food here is prepared with love”
“This kitchen is always open”
“New recipes really bake my cake”

My apron would read:

I live to eat and love to cook.
Can’t you tell!!!

How about

They who smelt it first cooked it.

Here are my favorites:

Everything but the kitchen sink!!

Fry it! You’ll like it!!

Batter up!!

Kiss the cook or go hungry!

Yummy for your tummy!

Well Butter My Buns - I’m Done!

“My Grill is more pampered then my Husband” is what I would put on an apron:)

Hello; great contest and fun!

My suggestions are:

Pampered Lady Chef

I can get a fire “a-going”

I am worth waiting for; so is my Cooking!

Hot Flames; Hot Babe; Hold On!

Daughter, Wife, Mom, and Chef

Today’s Modern Woman: Hot in the Kitchen

Thanks for “listening”
Braves 1944