Yeah I know I am new here…so a bit unusual to be posting in the comments/suggestion area. I do not see (but then I might have missed it) a conversion table(s) here.
One that will do Gills, pints and so on. Is it a case where we convert and put both measurements in?

As stated just joined today after weeks of searching and investigating the best recipe forum to join and this was by far the best around. Great work and am looking forward to posting a goodly amount on the more “old” recipes from here.

Hi Ken,

Welcome to the site. Great suggestion and we look forward to seeing those great recipes of yours.

Check this link for the conversions:

Hope this helps.



Thanks boss, covers most of them. I might add with some imperial ones that are still used here if you don’t mind.

Welcome aboard Ken!

We have a great “family” of cooks here that enjoy helping, sharing, etc. and I hope you enjoy this site as much as we do!

Kitchen Witch