cook this cheese burger

2 lbs ground sirloin
5 bananna peppers sliced (fresh or jarred)
1/2 lbs shredded cheddar cheese (or what ever perferred) i recommend pepperjack
season ground beef with garlic, salt, pepper, and what ever else you want to throw in.
form meat in to balls , place a sheet of wax papper on the counter place meat on paper and with another sheet place on top use your and and smash until thin or use a rolling pin
place cheese and peppers in middle take another patty and place on top and seal the sides. Grill until done or cook in a pan.

I got this tip from watching Michael Chiarello on the food network and make all my patties this way…use a large lid, I have a lid from a mayo jar from Costco, but any lid the size of the patty you want to make. With my lid, 4 l/2" in diameter, I weigh out my meat at 3.5 oz each per patty (makes a 7oz patty, a heafty burger, but as said before, you can make any size you want)…anyway, I put a small piece of saran wrap in the bottom of the lid, press in the first 3.5 oz of meat. Then I put my filling in the middle, as you said with the cheese, I put all sorts of things in the middle, from carmalized onions and brie to just plain old cheddar. Pat the second patty out in your hands a bit then put on top and press down around the inside edges of the lid. It seals perfectly, you just lift out the saran wrap. These freeze beautifully and I always keep them on hand.

Great burger tips you two! Thanks.

I have a question regarding hamburgers.

A couple years ago, I made hamburgers to grill on BBQ. I put in minced onion, minced garlic, garlic powder, onion powder, bbq sauce, pepper, worcestershire sauce, egg and breadcrumbs. I formed the patties and put them in refrigerator for an hour or two, then I barbecued them. I don’t like hamburgers. My husband and daughter love them. But when I made these patties, they smelled so freakin’ good that I ate one of the patties just like that LOL.

Since then, I’ve tried a few times to make them exactly like that… with bbq sauce… but when I do, the patty falls apart on the bbq. Why is that? It was fine the first time I made them. The patty kept its form. I’m stumped. My mother-in-law said it’s because of the bbq sauce. I thought of that too, but it worked great the first time. My family loves the flavor that the bbq sauce adds to the burger. I would appreciate anybody opinion on this matter. Thanks! :smiley: