cookies spreading when baked

:frowning: What am I doing wrong? My cookie dough is spreading way too much . I made my dough up ahead and refrigerated, then brought to room temp and baked on a insulated cookie sheet.
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The following is part of a post that I made under COOKING TIPS - just scroll to the hints for cookie baking - page 2 or 3 -

Trouble Shooting
Use this checklist to determine what went wrong with a batch of cookies.

If homemade cookies spread too much during baking, the following problems may have occurred:
The oven temperature was too cold. Pure cane sugar (sucrose) was not used; fructose sugar or a blend of sugars was substituted. The cookie sheets were greased too heavily. Diet margarine or vegetable oil spreads were substituted for butter or regular stick margarine (80% fat). Dark brown sugar was used instead of light brown sugar generally called for in recipes. The cookie sheet was still warm when the cookie dough was placed on the sheet.

If homemade cookies did not spread enough during baking, the following problems may have occurred:
The cookie dough was over-mixed. The cookie dough was too cold. The oven temperature was too hot. Solid vegetable oil shortening was substituted for butter in the recipe.

If homemade cookies stick to the cookie sheet, the following problems may have occurred:
The cookie sheets were not sufficiently cleaned between uses. The cookie sheets were not greased and the recipe called for greasing. The cookies were under-baked. The cookies were left on cookie sheets too long before removal. The cookie batter is too warm (hot kitchen). The cookie sheets are warm or hot before baking.

If you don’t mind - would you share your recipe(s) with me and I will try to help you with them.

Kitchen Witch

According to Anna Olsen, pastry chef on the Food Network show “Sugar”, use baking powder instead of baking soda in your cookie recipe if you don’t want it to spread too much. Hope this helps!

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