Cooking a Beef Roast

I’m looking for advice and ideas on how to cook a beef roast in a crockpot that will allow the meat to be used in additional dishes.

The dishes I’m thinking of are a traditional dinner with beef and sides of potatoes and carrots, slicing the beef for sandwiches on a nice baguette with a cheese, slicing the beef to be placed in a lettuce salad with a nice dressing, cutting up pieces to be used in beef straganoff and finally pulling the beef to be used in a fresh corn tortilla’s to make up a nice mexican dinner.

Some of the basic ingredients I’m thinking including are beef broth, garlic, shallots, worcheshire sauce and of course rubbing the roast with oil and seasoning.

I’m looking to make the meat flavorful, but utilizing it in the additional dishes, to change it up - so it doesn’t feel like I’m eating the same leftovers.

How would you recommend cooking in a crockpot?