cooking oil

Hi, Does anyone know how long you can keep the oil when you make french fries. How long does it keep for and should I put it in the refrig.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi chef - you can store your oil in the fridge (covered) and if you are only using it for fries it should stay pretty clean as compared to using the oil for fish, chicken, and everything else you can think of. I don’t keep oil for more than a couple weeks - but that is the way I am. It will also depend on the fries you are making - the oil will break down eventually due to ice, water, moisture, etc.

There are posts here on site about oils - type in oils in the search and click on the cooking tips section - they will pop up for you.


Thanks a lot for replying and also the site for oils. I appreciate it.

You’re very welcomed! I hope it helped a bit!