Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips

  • When a recipe calls for adding oil, garlic, and onions to a pan,
    always add garlic last. This keeps it from burning and tasting

  • Make your own celery flakes. Just cut and wash the leaves from the
    celery stalks; place them in the oven on low heat or in the hot
    sun until thoroughly dry. Crumble and store in an air-tight

  • Put sliced cucumbers, onions, carrots and/or pieces of cauliflower
    in leftover pickle juice and in a couple of days they will be

  • Don’t discard the water in which the vegetables are soaked or
    cooked. It is more flavorful than plain water so use it in making
    soup or gravy.

  • If you are baking and out of eggs, substitute 1/4 cup applesauce
    for 1 egg.

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