Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips

  • Keep bottled lemon or lime juice or strong acidulated water (2
    tablespoons lemon juice per 1 quart water) in a spray mister in
    the refrigerator and spray on cut apples, avocados, peaches, and
    pears, etc., to prevent browning

  • After chopping garlic or onions, run a lemon quarter over both the knife blade and the cutting board to remove the odor.

  • To wash white (button) mushrooms, rinse them under cold running
    water, rubbing off the dirt with your hands. Contrary to popular
    belief, the mushrooms will not absorb enough water during a brief
    rinse to become soggy.

  • It is often quicker and less messy to use kitchen scissors when
    cutting up dried fruits, bread, cake, lettuce, spinach, parsley,
    watercress, etc. You can also cut right into the bowl and avoid
    dirtying a cutting board or a knife

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