Cooking with beer???

I’m in kinda a pickle. The wife and I have been tasked with putting on the family fish fry on the July 4. In the past I’ve pan fried the catfish fillets or deep fried them but with just a corn-meal coating. This year all want a beer-batter coating. My problem is I do not like beer and I certainly do not drink it. The recipe I’ve given to use says an amber beer. I don’t know one from another.
My question is: Is there a substitute for the beer or a suggestion for a beer to use?

Thanks and it’s good to be back.

Most any beer will do. It does not matter if you don’t like the taste of beer because it will not taste like drinking a beer. All the alcohol all cooks out, and all you can taste is the richness of the barley, malt and hops. That being the case beer has stuff which is actually good for you. I especially like beer up the butt chicken, and the recipe is on this site.

i am cooking some meat meal with beer:) and some bread!

I’ve tasted beer mixed dished before those were really good and would love to got for it as well…

Well the wife came home with a six pack of Sam Adams ale. When my youngest opened the the fridge and saw the beer she just looked at me and with a voice dripping with disappointment said “Daddy!!!, I can’t believe you put beer in Momma’s fridge.” I told her jokes on you your Momma but that beer in there. She just shook her head and said “What’s the world coming to???” Don’t know little girl, just don’t know.

Sam Adams is more than beer, it is a ale that has fruit peel and other stuff that beer and plain ale don’t have. I suspect it will add a nice flavor to your dish. I am glad you decided to give it a try, you will not regret it.

No. there is no substitute. You have to use the beer … GoodLuck