Cooking With Olive Oil Tips

Olive oil has generally been declared as being the healthiest cooking oil. Apart from being healthy, olive oil is also one of the tastiest cooking mediums and definitely adds lovely flavor to your food. If you want your food to taste as good as possible, use regular (or mixed) olive oil for deep frying with appropriate cooking gear to enhance the oil rather than using virgin olive oil and the regular cooking aids.

I am a bodybuilder and yes i will never use oil different from olive oil. Also it; important to be said that the olive oil fats are beneficially for heart health.

I have to agree that olive oil is the oil of choice, except for Asian foods. The flavor just doesn’t work well with Asian food.

Actually, olive oil is vegetable oil (olives are a vegetable).
Olive oil has a lot of antioxidants and prevents against heart disease. Extra virgin olive oil is preferable to every other type.
Canola oil has a dangerous fatty acid that can released in cooking.
Don’t use olive oil for frying or sauteing. Try coconut oil.
But really, if you are worried about calories oil should be avoided. Use Smart Balance for spreads but avoid foods that need added fat.

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