Country Style Pork-Melody Vegetables/SideDis my CoeslawH.J’s

Country Style Pork - Melody of Vegetables n Side Dish Coleslaw- H.J.’s

Serves 2
About 20-30 minutes to prepare total meal

    [b]Main Dish   Pork and Select Vegetables[/b]

6 Lean boneless country style pork stripscut into bite size
1 large carrot…sliced thin on a slight angle
3 large white mushrooms.sliced thin
2 Italian zucchinis …medium size.cubed into bite size chunks…
1 yellow summer squash medium size…cut in half slice thin
1 large cucumber.cut into . Sliced very thin
Grape oil and little oleo to sauté in. (You can use any oil- I like grape)
Use enough oil and oleo to start browning and add some oleo later if needed
Salt, pepper, garlic powdered.sprinkled
I like to use a dash of cayenne pepper in place of the black¦but use very little

(All vegetables wash- remove ends leave skins on)

In a large skillet over medium heat: put in oil…oleo. cut-up cubed pork
Season with little salt pepper-garlic powder just sprinkling over the top
Let brown well on all sides ¦.turning the meat while frying.

Start adding vegetables to the skillet: slicing, cutting all vegetables, one at a time right into the skillet with the meat, remembering to turn and mix all often so it doesn’t burn and cooks evenly through.

Add vegetables in this order:
Carrot-mushrooms-Italian zucchini-summer squash-cut cucumber very thin… stir and cook over medium heat

Sprinkle more salt-pepper-and garlic powder lightly over the top turn all over in the skillet and lite sprinkle again. Turn down heat some and cook about 3 to 5 minutes longer until all vegetables tender.

Start preparing the side dish. Turn heat down or totally off the above if need to.

[b]Side dish of Coleslaw H.J.’s[/b]
    I use the already prepared cut-up slaw in a bag with some carrot and what ever it is packaged with; in this side dish (it saves time-otherwise I cut and slice it myself). I already have the bag placed in refrigerator for crisp and coldness.

2 large handfuls -Prepared coleslaw in a bag…placed in a bowl …to be served on the table.

In a small bowl¦blend all the below together well:
2 large T. Kraft Real Mayonnaise
1 capful of cold Apple Cider Vineger and a touch more to your taste
Milk splash just enough to make like the texture of ranch dressing
1/4 to 1/2 tsp. sugar …for those who are diabetics …use Equal
salt, pepper, and touch of garlic

Taste…If too sweet add little more apple cider vinegar … if too tart add touch sugar

This is tart and. sweet … a really nice blend.
Add to the coleslaw …mix well

Gang, I don™t like doing extra dishes so I mix all of the side dish in one bowl ready to be served. But for you do it this way …start off mixing the dressing separately …Till you get your flavor n taste buds just to your liking.
hj :wink: