Cream of Mushroom Soup, Rice and Porkchops

So there’s no such thing as a stupid question? Here goes … My Mom had a receipe were she fried some pork chops and cooked some white rice, (in separate pans, then used Cream of Mushroom Soup and mixed with the rice, placing the fried pork chops on top and putting in the oven. Simple huh? A person would think you could find this receipe … well no such luck. Can any members help me? Thanks in advance. You may answer direct to my email.

It looks like you just posted the recipe.

Thanks a million Kitchen Witch !!! The 2nd one is the one I remember. Wife and I just bought some fresh pork chops tonight at this nice Mexican butcher shop in Austin. Guess what we’re having tomorrow night. Thanks again.

I make prok chop and rice all the time. I brown the pork chop in a little oil remove them, then pour in one cup of rice in pan and brown in drippings empty the container of soup in pan fill can with milk. Add a cup of cheddar cheese and pour into cassarole dish
place prok chops on top and bake for 30 minute @ 350. Enjoy ( I only dirty on fry pan)