Creamy Chicken Cabernet

Creamy Chicken


* 1 pkg 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
* 1/2 stick butter plus additional 2 Tablespoons
* 2 Tbsp Ketchup
* 4 Tablespoons Lawry's Red Wine With Cabernet Sauvignon
  30 Minute Marinade*
* 1 Pint Heavy Cream
* 1 teaspoon Brown Sugar Twin**
* Paprika

Trim chicken breasts of any “waste”; rinse under cold water; and cut diagonally into thirds. Pound each breast with meat mallet - just a few quick smacks on the shiny side of the chicken piece to tenderize, but don’t over-do it and make mush of them. :slight_smile: Set aside on paper plate.
Melt 1/2 stick butter in a skillet. Add chicken pieces gently to fill skillet and brown each breast turning once to brown other side. (Usually about 3-4 minutes per side.) Remove chicken from skillet on new plate and set aside.
Add extra 2 Tbsp butter to skillet and pour entire pint of heavy cream into skillet. Lower heat just a bit and stir often, scraping sides as it reduces and begins to thicken a bit.
Meanwhile, in a small bowl combine Lawry’s sauce with ketchup and Brown Sugar Twin and mix well. When skillet cream sauce is bubbly and volume is reduced by 1/3 or so, add your sauce to the skillet and mix well. Let sauce return to a bubbly boil and thicken (not till gummy - just a gravy consistency.) Then carefully add sauteed chicken pieces back into skillet; nestling them down into the sauce. Allow them to drink in the bubbly sauce over very low heat for about 2 minutes and remove to platter taking about 1/3 of the sauce with it. Skake paprika over chicken breasts on platter for a beautiful look. Pour remainder of skillet sauce into individual cups for dipping or pouring tableside.

Serves 2-3 and feels so extravagant. This dish will not need salt, but pepper is optional. Goes well with salad or asparagus tips.