Crockpot: Delightful Split Pea Soup

Crockpot: Delightful Split pea Soup

1 16 oz. pkg of Green or Yellow Split Peas

3 or 4 carrots washed and both ends trimmed clean, sliced or grated or chunks
celery tops, washed and chopped
as many or little as you have or desire. I used tops of one bunch.
Chicken Boullion Powder


Place peas in 4 qt crockpot with 8 cups of water overnight on low.
In the morning put celery tops of one bunch or as desired and carrots into pot. Add 2 heaping Tablespoons of Chicken Boullion and stir.
Keep on Low until to desired consistency. Add more water and or Boullion to taste. Options: add garlic and onion thinly sliced to morning time cooking.
Enjoy with favorite bread. !Bon Appetite!

No smoked ham hock or ham bone?

lvdkeyes - did you ever try it without the ham/ham bone? I’ve done it many times - try it sometime

Waaaaaa!!! But I like the smoky taste.

Ok - you can use the ham/hamhock - I wouldn’t want to deprive you. But it is good without it too!

there is a ham base you could substitute for the chicken base. I use it for bean soup and it is amazing!