Crockpot rack

I have a Hamilton Beach 6.5 qt. crockpot with probe. It is oval shaped. Can I buy a rack to fit inside? My 5 qt. round Rival has one but I think I might have bought it separately. I want to cook a meatloaf and and I like placing in on a rack.

I tried looking for you, I even went to the Hamilton Beach website with no luck. If your 5 qt one was also oval and the rack fits in it, I would use that one if you still have it. I wish I could be more help.

Thanks for the idea. My 5 qt. crockpot is round. I am going to see if the rack will still fit in the widest, center part of the 6.5 qt. oval. Maybe then I could put something “grate like” over that as Kitchen Witch suggested in her post. The recipe was for crockpot meatloaf and the writer suggested placing the meatloaf on a piece of foil that surrounds the bottom and sides so you would have “handles” to lift it out. Mine broke apart in several pieces. I’ll try the turkey baster of drain off some of the liquid in the bottom of the crock. A 6.5 qt. crockpot is really too big for a 2.5 lb. meatloaf but I really wanted to try the probe. Worked great. Has anyone heard about setting the meatloaf in a smaller pan or even setting it on an inverted pan inside the crockpot? Would that affect the way the crockpot works?

I just purchased from amazon danesco oval rooasting rack 6x9 for $12.99…fast 3 day delivery and good quality. Very happy with purchase

A metal rack could scratch the pot. When I cook meat in my crock pot, I always line the bottom with onion slices or other vegetables so the meat doesn’t sit on the bottom of the pot. That might work, and could offer a good flavor to your dogs. I would suggest frying the onion slices a bit to partly caramelize them before putting them in the crock pot. That will definitely improve the flavor. Other options could be celery ribs or carrots.
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