Cucumber Drum Salad

Cucumber Drum Salad


1 large cucumber
1 sweet red pepper
200g / 7oz can tuna
Juice of 1 small orange
1 tbspn. low calorie salad dressing
½ tspn. French mustard
100g / 4oz pasta wheels, cooked


  1. Cut stripes of skin away from the cucumber with a canell or pointed knife
  2. Cut the cucumber into 5cm/2in. lengths and scoop out the centres, reserve the cucumber flesh, leaving drum shaped cases
  3. Deseed the pepper and cut it into fine strips, drain and flake the tuna, using the oil and juices to make a dressing with the orange juice, salad dressing and mustard, beating it well
  4. Chop the reserved cucumber and half the pepper strips, keeping back the best ones for the garnish
  5. Combine the pasta, chopped cucumber, pepper and tuna, arrange the cucumber drums on a serving platter.
  6. Pile up the filling inside them and pour over a little dressing, arrange pepper strips at each end of the dish


Good as a pasta slimming diet, this would serve 4 and each portion worth about 280 calories. Great as a starter or a light main course.