cutting the acid in spaghetti sauce

I have used this recipe at least three times before and never had this problem. It has 3 lbs of meet (pork, beef, Italian sausage), lots of herbs, plus chopped garlic, onions, mushrooms, and green pepper and 5 large cans of tomato paste plus 10 cans of water. This time it is very acidic. What can I do to cut this?

My Mom used to make a similar recipe using tomato paste & water etc. from a Francois Pope Cookbook. They recommended putting a slight bit of baking soda in the sauce about 10 mins before it’s done. It foams up and cuts the acid like it does when used as an antacid. Don’t use too much, maybe an
8th of a tsp?

Sugar could be done, but the best way to reduce acidity is to add a little baking soda in your spaghetti sauce. Just be careful not to add to much because it might remove all the tartness. Just put enough to add the taste sensation.

I’ve always used brown sugar to cut the acid then added thyme to cut down on the sugary taste.
Recently, in the middle of making a sauce, I realized I was out of sugar of any kind. Since I’d just purchase some apple cider, I tried it instead. Wow, what a winner ! And no need to cut down on the sugary sweetness. It’s now my secret ingredient shhh:cool:
It’s also been suggested to me, that when using tomato paste, the longer you cook the sauce, the less acid it will have…?

My sister taught me to throw carrots into the spaghetti sauce while it’s cooking. Then remove the carrots before you eat. It absorbs the acid.

grate a carrot finely into your sauce. make sure you cook your tomato paste in a little EVOO first in small batches if your using that much like in your recipe. it takes some of that raw flavor away as well