Damron's Fruit Salad Delight

My daughter Mandy gave me this Fruit Salad recipe, It has buttermilk and pudding in it. It is our favorite at the Damron house. You can’t taste the buttermilk, It is so smooth and taste great. hugs Martha Damron:rolleyes:

Damron’s fruit Salad Delight
1 large box Vanilla Pudding Mix
(don’t add the milk)
1 cup Buttermilk, or
Enough of Buttermilk
Too make a smooth texture with Vanilla Pudding

1 large Regular container Cool Whip
1 large can Fruit Cocktail (drained)
1 large can Pineapple Tead Bits (drained)
1 can of Mageriane Oranges (drained)
1 jar of Cherries, (chopped )
3 Bananas,( sliced )
1/2 cup Coconut
1/2 cup pecans ( chopped )
2 oranges,( chunks )
1 Apple ,( chunks )

Mix Vanilla Pudding, and Buttermilk, until smooth. Add: Fruit, Cool Whip, Mix well, and keep in refrigerator until ready too serve.