decisions, decisions....

rebuilding my home so…new kitchen.
induction or gas? appliance brands? love the wolf but kinda pricey. thermador looks good too.
would love to hear any opinions from any of you.


Go for good and well-known brands, the best you can afford, and choose for the kind of cooking you do. You’ll live with your new appliances a long time! I’ve cooked with both, but consider gas cook tops better – the heat is gone when you turn off the burner. I’ve gone to gas in the laundry room too, more economical. My kitchen sink is always the largest I can get – no divided sink for me! I want to soak those baking pans quickly and easily in the bottom of the sink. A swinging arm faucet and detachable spray hose is a must, and a built-in soap dispenser very handy, as well as a Hot Water dispenser for instant cocoa, soup and other such things. A charcoal filter is a great addition so that all water that runs in the kitchen is kept pure and sweet, even your ice cubes! And remember the old “Three Step Kitchens”? Not so old-fashioned in my opinion – if I’m only “3 steps” away from anything I need in my little cooking area of the kitchen, then I have designed it for speed and efficiency. Hope this helps!