Delicious Pasta Farfalle

I have a great recipe from my grandmother

1 lb farfalle pasta (bowties)
1 package Brie cheese. (the ones shaped like i decent size piece of pie)
2 tbsps pine nuts
1 cup olive oil
4-5 ripe tomatos diced use only fresh ones
3-4 cloves of garlic, minced
1cup chopped basil loosely packed
1/2 cup italian parsley

boil pasta al dente
toast pine nuts in oven untill golden brown. Chop very fine

In pan, heat up one cup of oil. Add garlic, basil, parsley. Cook about 10 minutes. (i use more of the garlic, basil and parsley, each time you make this you will adjust to your preference. I’ve got mine down now)
After 10 minutes add diced tomatoes. Then add the chopped pine nuts. Cook for a few minutes. Then slowly add the brie cheese, constantly stirring to melt and mix completely. After your pasta is strained, pour pasta right into pan and mix. Serve and enjoy. Great with garlic bread or bruschetta