deviled eggs

I would like to know the best way to make deviled eggs, How do I remove the shells so the white stays nice and not all broken apart?:rolleyes:

Buy the eggs weeks in advance. A fresh egg makes for hard to remove shells.

I got this tip somewhere and it acually works. Put amt of eggs in pan cover with cold water 1 inch above the eggs, when water begins to boil set timer for 15 minutes. When done immediately drain the water from pan. Now it’s time to let frustration out, bang around the egs so the shells crack (sounds weird), then run under cold water in sink for about 5-10 minutes, till shells feel cool. Start peeling them under the cold running water. I swear this works lol. Rinse eggs off and pat dry. I use a cheese slicer to make a clean slice with the egg length wise (or us sharp paring knife) remove yolks to bowl. depending how many eggs your using you can use potato masher or hand held beater or a big fork. The main ingred. is mayo or Miricle Whip, whatever. this is where you can add anything to your liking:
diced pickles (sweet or sour)
minced cooked ham, bacon or shrimp
mustard (of your choice)
Whatever tickles your fancy.
Spoon or pipe yolk mixture back into the egg white cavities, sprinkle with paprika or if you really want to go all out put a tiny spoonful of caviar on top. Cover and put into fridge till ready to serve.
Note: sprigs of parsley looks nice as a garnish.