Diet Recipe's please

I am always in the kitchen, making three meals a day and snacks. I work from home and while I love cooking for my family, as the saying goes “to cook is to love” and I enjoy the process, it’s pretty relaxing for me as well. I need to be on a diet.

I taste as I cook ( so many calories) and then I eat with the family, I LOVE food but I need to drop at least 30 pounds. Does anyone have any good diet-friendly or low calorie recipes that I can make for myself with similar ingredients that I am already using to cook for my family?

For example, tonight I’m making Lasagna; what if anything, from those ingredients can I make for myself that would be diet friendly?

Thanks guys

I agree with KW. You can pretty much eat anything you make for the family just control the portion size. Drinking a large glass of water about 10-15 minutes before you eat and having the salad with a non fat, low fat or no dressing will also help tremendously to satisfy your appetite. You can even have dessert if you remember “portion control”.

I have lost over 25 pounds in the past few months doing this and exercising when possible.

Do not put as much cheese on your lasagna. Also get rid of snacking or sampling when you cook as it will only lead to putting on weight.

I actually think that white low fat cheese and tomatoes have very low calories and you can make a great lasagna. I don’t recommend to mix meat and cheese on a diet .

Friend,you can try this:Pepper and basil add a big flavour punch without the extra kilojoules in this sizzling stir-fry.

Hi Swells,
To drop 30 pounds, break your meals in small frequent meals, prefer raw food over processed food and increase your water intake. Avoid eating late and engage in regular workouts.
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I don’t think you need to avoid anything , just make sure not to eat too much. It’s a slow and steady process and I’m sure you’ll do well. Just make sure to avoid junk and processed food and eat healthy foods.

Whether it’s delicious recipes you’re after, or ideas for free dishes, you’ll find plenty here to inspire you.
Walk 40 steps at least after meal and make this in your habit.

May I suggest you limit your intake of other fluids except water. The high fructose drinks contribute immensely to the obesity problems in America. Just for 30-days drink only water and see how you feel.