Digestive Health Foods

Hey everybody, what are your opinions on digestive health foods? Have you ever tried any of them? What are you doing for your digestive health?

I eat lots of high fiber foods like oatmeal, bananas, apples, leafy greens and try to avoid red meat as much as possible. I found it to be my biggest taboo food.

I definitely agree with the fruits and veggies, but don’t understand why you can’t eat red meat unless you are a vegetarian. Does it not agree with your stomach, or what? What about whole wheat products?

Seems the red meat doesn’t digest as easily for me personally, also there are other foods that offer benefits, such as salmon, that I prefer. Whole wheat products I also need to limit -bummer.

I guess it makes sense. Ya know, LiveActive, a line of foods that keep your digestive system on track, makes products like cereal by Post, drink mix by Crystal Light, and some others which would digest easily. I think you would really enjoy them.

I heard that it is very normal diet…on the other hand I have never tried it!!!

Of course healthy and digestive foods are fruits and veggies , no fatty foods or cheese they wont get digested very soon,