Diner Green Chili Sauce ?

Hi All…I am looking for a good green chili sauce recipe.
I am calling it “Diner” because I have seen it or versions of it on Food Networks “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives”.

Many of the diners they visit have some type of thick Green Chili Sauce…to put over enchiladas…eggs…burritos…etc…etc…etc…

I mean this sauce looks fantastic but they never post recipes…:x

So does anybody know of any good green chili sauce recipes???


Thanks Kitchen!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much…that would be awesome.

I have noticed on the show, I mentioned above, that some of the sauces have specs of red and I assuming that it is tomato…or maybe red bell pepper.
I am sure it is a fairly simple sauce recipe but I was never one the come up with a recipe from scratch…but I do love to “tweek” some of the recipes I have just a bit.

Regular canned green chili sauce is great over eggs but it would sure be nice to make it from scratch…and your help it greatly appreciated.

I tried the first one you posted last night Witch…it was GREAT!!
I put it over scrambled eggs…man! was it good…I used canned chilis green by the way but i can’t wait to try it with fresh roasted chilis…:smiley:

I also can’t wait to try the new ones you posted…Thanks again…