Does anyone have Melting Pot recipes?

Does anyone have melting pot recipes?,1976,FOOD_9981_16928,00.html

Cheddar cheese for two:
4oz light beer
1 clove of finely diced garlic
3 dashes of mustard powder
4oz of lightly floured cheddar
1 oz lightly floured emmenthaler swiss
4 shakes of worcestershire sauce
Approx five turns of pepper

Add ingrediants to double boiler in order
Combine cheeses before adding to fondue pot
Introduce cheese to pot in approx thirds in order to get right consistentcy

Spinach and artichoke for 2:
4 oz veg. Bouillon…strain if homemade
2 oz defrosted and strained spinach
2oz chopped canned artichoke
1 clove finely diced garlic
2.5 ozs lightly floured butterkase cheese
2.5 ozs lightly floured fontina cheese
3 shakes of tobasco
1/2 table spoon of pulverized parmesan cheese

Add ingredients in order
Use double burner
Combine cheeses before adding to pot
Add cheese in thirds
Ensure honey like consistency before moving on with other ingrediants