Does the Government use the Terror Alert for Political Gain?

No Mr. Bush does NOT use tactacts to win votes. He is a church going honest man.[/b]

I personally think the president is doing a wonderful job both at home and abroad. On the subject of abusing terror alerts, his opposition would scream that the public was not informed if the information was withheld.
Like they say “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” I would rather be damned for being cautious.

Worst President in history. Has ruined our world reputation, and is TOTALLY responsibe for all the deaths in Iraq, deaths for Bush’s revenge for his daddy.

I think that everyone needs to stop and thing logically about this for a moment. President Bush does not act alone, he does not make his decisions alone. He has countless intelligence sources and many, many people advising him…including, I am sure, his very experienced father George Bush Sr. It is unthinkable to imagine that President Bush would check the polls and up the terror alert to gain popularity. The decision is made very carefully, weighing all of the evidence and its credibility. To take the movie Far. 9/11 and apply it to reality is the same as hearing a noise in the closet and assuming it is Freddy Kruger or Jason. Lets be realistic. President Bush does not have the power or authority to change the terror alert level without the approval and support of other people in positions of power. Perhaps, we should look more at the intelligence President Bush is receiving as opposed to assuming that he alone rules supreme in Washington. This is the United States of America. We are a democracy with a system of checks and balances…not a monarchy or dictatorship.
I supported his father President George Bush, SR and I support our current President Bush, JR. God bless this man for taking on the task of leading our country!!!

:x NO he does not USE the color of terror alerts for HIS benefit. :lol: FIRST of all, the alerts are USED to alarm the country to what degree of awareness the people should be. :idea: AS A COUNTRY WHO HAS NEVER BEEN ATTACKED BY ANOTHER COUNTRY SINCE THE REVELUTIONARY WAR - AND FOR A COUNTRY FULL OF PEOPLE WHO ARE IMAGRANTS AND DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON - COLLORS ARE A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE.

I vote yes on this. I feel that Bush does use this for his own gain. I am sorry, but I also feel he has had all these terrror happenings done himself and keeping the people in fear at all times. I feel we are in heaps of trouble if he is back in office. Kerry is no good either. We need people in our gov. who are in the light at all times and not fake it.

Sirianlight :cry:

NO …Why do people have to even think like that ! I guess that honost christian people in this world will always have to defend themselfs .

is this kjean inmidland?

Of course Bush is using terror warnings to his political advantage. One has only to check the timing of Ridge’s announcements. Ridge’s office used information that was pre-9/11 as the basis for his raising terror alerts.

By the way, opinions of other message writers would carry more credibility if they could spell Bush’s name correctly or if they used grammar and spelling taught in elementary school. It’s as though Bush himself answered the question in the affirmative and then stumbled through his reasoning process.

I do not think the president is using terror alerts for political gain. I think he is doing what he thins is best for our country at this time. I would rather him be overly cautious than not at all.


No. I do not think he does. Unfortunately, he is in somewhat of a “Damned if he does/Damned if he doesn’t” type situation. IF he makes the public aware of the threats and, …IF nothing happens, then he is seen as using terror to garner votes. IF he dos not make the threats and an attack occurs, then he was deceiving, misleading and lying to us. We, as Americans, citizens and voters tend to think that we have a right to know anything and everything instantly. We think the government is supposed to protect us from everything, at a minimal cost and the MUST be above reproach. Will we ever realize that 100% protection, 100% of the time is impossible.

Well in my opinion President Bush has had nothing but negitive trash thrown at him since before he stepped into office. For a man that stepped into Office with all of the mud slinging going on during and after his election he is great. Who do you know that would take that much crap off of the people and country that he is representing and still want to lead us for another 4 years.
Look at how strong he and Vice President Cheney have been. They have not wavered at all for what they believe in and that is how to protect his Country and all of the people that live here.
He has had one disater after another. And yet has met each one head one and I very proud of us and the USA and continues to fight for our people and the people and the families of the people who died September 11th, and all that have fallen in battle trying to fight for our freedom and our Country’s freedom.
Would you really have wanted him to set back after 9/11 and say “Well now let’s not do anything right now, let’s let the dust settle and then I’ll try and talk to these Country’s and see if we can have peace.” Give me a break Everyone would have been for egging him and the White House and having him run out of Office as well as out of town. And that include’s everyone that is so down on him.
He has made the best decision’s for us all and I think instead of everyone being so down on him we should all show him how proud we are of him and show him the best support that we can.
I really don’t think we need another person in there like we had before President Bush that not only deems oral sex as not having sex, but might decide to deem that having affairs is not having sex just fun. Good grief people wake up we may not like war but isn’t the war better than having more plane’s crashing into more of our building and killing more of our people killed and not having the war and bombing’s here in our homeland. Do you really want to hear siren’s going off and more women, men and children killed. Church’s blowing up while your worshipping the Lord.
Think about it! That could very well have been what would have happened if he had not acted so fast.
President Bush and Vice-President Cheney have my and my family’s full support. In my opinion I just sorry that he can only run one more time and his term will only be another 4 years.
Let’s show them our love and support.


To be perfectly honest I believe Mr. Bush is on the right track to fighting terrorism and if it happens coincide with what the opposition considers a political agenda, well then, whine some more, but do it elsewhere. I for one feel a whole lot safer knowing that Mr. Bush and the rest of the Anti-Terrorism Agency are outthere doing something to streghten our security. Atleast we have a group in place to take care of this issue, remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, or something like that.
I personally do not want to see a change in the political arena at this time due to the fact that we are still too new to this fight against terrror and a new political factor may put us more at risk during their transition than we ever could have been. The terrorist know our political system better than some of the whiners out there, so do not be so hasty to change the system that is in place. Believe me if it wasn’t there right now we would have a whole lot more dead Americans and downed buildings. Let the people finish up what they are trying to establish. Even in four more years they will atleast have a base in place to work against terrorism. This battle has only begun my friends, relax and enjoy the freedoms we have.

Michael P. Himko[/i][/b]

I really don’t think this is for Bush political gain. I DO feel that maybe he jumps a little quickly because of the abuse he’s taken from 9/11, but I would MUCH rather be safe than sorry. This is a very frustrating time in the United States and we need to keep in mind that we are SUPPOSE to be the “Home of the free”! Keep it that way!! This is all precautions and alerts so that hopefully 9/11 does NOT happen again.


president bush is doing a very good job with this country and he has my vote all of the way.

No president has had to deal with terrorist attacks on our own soil like President Bush. He has dealt with this issue with all of his might. He can not tell us everything. We would be scared to leave our homes. I just returned from a trip to New York City. Alot of police presence everywhere we went. Went to ground zero, made you feel like when you go to Pearl Harbor. Everyone quiet, respectful. Our President is making decisions based on what he learns, he has to believe what he is being told. Kerry will not even tell us what he plans for us. Afraid Bush will steal his ideas? I don’t think so. I think if we knew what he stands for we would all vote against him.

No President Bush does not use the Terror Alerts for his own political gain. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I think it is possible that Bush is using this for his advantage, but it is so offensive that I cannot say for absolute sure. I believe he intended to enter this war before he was elected President–to avenge his father, and he was going to find a way to do so–which he did. I don’t trust him because he and Cheney both have too many conflicts of interest with their personal business enterprises that, in my opinion, should have been gotten rid of when they took office in order to prevent any moral or legal appearances of impropriety. In my opinion, he has conducted his presidency like a czar rather than a democratic president, and his sticking to his decisions is (also in my opinion) a further indication of his arrogance and feeling that he can do whatever he wants if he can find a way to get it done.

If you think Bush is a liar, then you are so misinformed and ignorant! How much time have you done to really study the issues…15 minutes a day? And where are you getting your information…the liberal media? It’s time this country sees the true facts and find out the what’s really true, and NOT from the left! I’ll bet you believe everything you hear or read, use your brains for a change!