Don't Ignore Diabetes ( Diabetes )

Don’t Ignore Diabetes ( Diabetes )

The thought of developing complications can be frightening, but ignoring your diabetes can be harmful. Remember, there are things that you can do right now to lower your risk and prevent the complications of diabetes. Adjusting your food, physical activity, and medications to control your blood glucose may help you avoid or delay complications. Taking good care of your feet will help you keep them.

All of us have fears of growing old or disabled. Experiencing and expressing these emotions is both normal and appropriate. The challenge, however, is to choose to live well every day, even though you’re living with diabetes. If you take care of yourself now, you’ll give yourself the best chance to remain fully functional and independent throughout your life. Deciding to ignore diabetes and its complications does not make them go away. Learning about diabetes and your body gives you the power to take charge and direct the outcome so you can live life without fear.

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