Don't Skip the Cooldown ( Diabetes )

Don’t Skip the Cooldown ( Diabetes )

It’s always a good idea to cooldown and stretch after you exercise. A cooldown helps slow your heart rate and return your muscles and joints to an inactive state. This will help you reduce your risk of injury and soreness.
Cooling down is easy. You can simply keep exercising, but at a slower pace, or you can walk slowly for five to 10 minutes after you’re done exercising. The cooldown should end with stretching. The stretching should include neck rotations, shoulder rolls, arm swings, gentle knee bends, and ankle rotations.

Your stretches should be smooth, fluid movements. As in yoga, you can hold a stretch, but do not make jerky, sudden movements. After the cooldown and stretching, your body should feel relaxed and more flexible. Your heart rate should have returned to its normal pre-exercise rate by the end of the cooldown and stretch.

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