Easy Lamb Curry-Good for slow cooker


1/ 1 Kilo Lamb(cheap cuts work as well as expensive ones)
2/ 5 Medium Potatoes-peeled but not chopped
3/ 1 Cup Coconut Cream
4/ 1 Onion
5/ 1/3 Cup Sweet Chilli Sauce
6/ Tablespoon Mild Curry Powder

Chop Lamb into bite sized chunks discarding any excess fat. Brown in Frypan with onions.
Place in slow cooker or large pan.
Add all other ingredients and stir to combine.
If using slow cooker allow to cook for 6 hours, or on stovetop for 2 hours checking regularly to ensure not sticking.
Best results will be obtained if now refridgerated and left overnight.This will improve flavour and reduce fat content.
The following day remove with a wooden spoon the layer of fat on top of the curry and discard.
Reheat Curry, serve with Rice, Pappadums, Chutney and Plain Yoghurt

Enjoy this Meal(tastes very much like Mussamen Curry but without the peanuts)

Please let me know if you enjoy


Hi Dave
I’m guessing that you are in the UK, but wherever… :o)
I’m in the US. Can you describe the sweet chili sauce ingredient? I wondered what the US equivalent item might be. Maybe Heinz Chili Sauce?

I am not sure, but I think the sweet chili sauce Dave is talking about is available in Asian markets. The label on the bottle says it is for dipping chicken.