Effects of boiling food

If I put meat into a pot with water and boil it, i believe most fat and a lot of nutriensts come out and go into the water. People say you should add veggies and create a sauce thereafter drink it so as not to loose the water or fat.

i would like to know suppose you boil with water, dont add anything, and then eventuall all the water evaporates, where does all the fat and nutirents go?

Does it evaporate with the water, does it go back into the meat or does it stick to the bottom of the pot and you cant see anything? How much of what goes where. please advise what happens.


So many questions here.
1st…meat is protein, NEVER boil meat or it will get tough. Simmer it, yes.

2nd…If you’re into simmering, use the meat & juice either for soup or to make a gravy.

If you wait for the cooking liquid to evaporate you’ll find a ‘fond’ at the bottom of the pan. This can be released adding a liquid & will add richness to whatever you’re trying to do with the meat.
What are you trying to do with the meat?

Also, if you do boil meat…NO…the fat will not be released, it will just turn into cooked fat (the ugly white stuff you’ll see in your meat) If you slowly simmer it, the fat will eventually break down & release a lot of flavor to the cooking liquid.

Please let us know what you’re trying to do…thanks!