Egg substitutes

Are the store bought egg substitutes a good alternative for people with an egg allergy?

I am considering making a cassarole that needs egg to bind it together when it is baked. Some of the members wives at the lodge are allergic to eggs so I do not want to make something they can not enjoy. But I still need something that will work to bind the cassarole. :confused:

The cassarole is Kirghiz Beef. It is cooked onion, bell pepper and beef that is drained then mixed with dried fruit and yogurt with the egg binding it and giving it body when baked. Without the egg it does not become solid when baked. The idea is that it is served as solid pieces when cut from the dish instead of just being lose.
But since I have people that are allergic I was wondering about the egg substitutes. I have never used any of them and I do not know if they can avoid the allergy problem or not.
I will try it at home first before I serve it to the lodge.

I have read that 1/4 cup of silken tofu works in quiches as a sub for 1 egg.