Eggplant,Artichoke, & Blue Cheese Substitutes

I am unable to eat eggplant,artichokes or blue cheese. I’m a great substituter and have always been able to find something in my pantry to make a recipe work but these have me stumpted (especially when they are a main ingredient). I have used swiss cheese instead of blue cheese (or stilton) but is there something better? There are several recipes that I would like to make but they are asking for these particular items. HELP!

Well, those are tough ones I must say. As far as blue cheese goes, you can always substitute roquefort or camembert cheeses, unless you are alergic to the spores themselves that make up these types of cheeses.

As far as the eggplant and artichokes go, I guess it would depend on the type of recipes you want to use them in. There a chinese eggplants, which are a bit smaller and milder, unless you are alergic to the entire family of them. Hope this helps a bit.