epic ramen lunch

Ok are you ready?
Go to the store and bring back a package of cheapity pork steaks, some porky ramens, yep that’s right ramens stay with me here now ok? now go over to produce see those mushrooms? grab em and some green noinois and some white ones too. Got em’? NOW jar of minced gurrlick. OK! back home we go! Yay now go get your Plus One Chef’s Knife,… you do have one right? Slice and dice em’ baby chop up them veggies all nice and thin, debone those BADASS pork steaks you bought! slice em up nice and thin baby! OK! here we go! get out your cast iron skillet and lay a little olive oil in that bad boy! Get it hot, a nice medium heat should give you a little sizzle. throw it ALL in, now a tsp. of that garlic some fresh crackedy pepper and sea salt! Now you should be smellin up your kitchen, (a.k.a.) Battle Station somethin fierce. When your pork is all seared and cooked, careful NO TRICHINOSIS ON MY WATCH FOLKS and the onions are all translucified and the gurrlick is scorched and smelly like cook yo ramens! NOW!!! DO IT!!! ok cooked? flavor packet of saltity pork dust added? GOOD!!! Now doce up some extra green lil oniony beasties for garnish of course,… Throw it together, give it a good mixity mix, throw some garnishmentation on tippity top and if you have any taste whatsoever youll throw some sriracha sauce on that bad boy!!!
epic lunch