Errors in my recipes

I’ve noticed that, for some reason, a lot of the recipes I’ve posted (especially in Just Desserts) have a capital A with a little “hat/scribble” on top of it. It does not change the amount called for in the recipe.


If you see: Â1/2 cup almonds

The correct measurement is: 1/2 cup almonds

Just ignore the A

I’ve deleted several A’s already in some of my recipes.

Don’t know why this happened in the site transition!

Aline - this has happened to all of us! If you really take a look at the forums - you will see the “A” in front of a lot of the measurements. It seems that if a recipe is copy/pasted from any source - it happens. You will find 1A1/2 for 1 1/2, etc. It’s really weird but it is happening. I am wondering if it is something that is built-in to the RSN software? I don’t think any of us have typed the “A” in any of the recipes! Look at the Secret Recipe Forum! geez -


Certain characters that are pasted from other sites or other source codes are interpreted differently or not at all when you paste them here.

It’s usually apostrophies, and subscript numbers (eg 1/2 as a subscript).

This is actually common on the Internet but I’ll look into a possible fix for it.

For example - this article on Yahoo is having the same issues: