Exclusive !

This site contains some fair recipes, good recipes, very good recipes, and recipes that deserve special attention…

This site caters to cooks, good cooks, very good cooks and those that are a cut above a cook…

It does not give those that moderate this site the right to be callous and self indulgent. There have been several posts that have just disappeared because they do not agree with the choosen few…

I come here to see what might be new and tastey…not to be insulted and edited.

Shadows -

If you came here to enjoy our recipes - you would not be making the rude and negative comments you have been making!

Why do you always need to be so difficult and constantly critical of others?

None of the moderators here are callous or self-indulgent. Many things you have posted were uncalled for and started negative posts between you and the moderators here - as well as some of the members.

You are the one with the chip on your shoulder! Like you have been told before - if you can’t say anything nice (or positive) then don’t say anything at all.

And I will repeat this to you AGAIN - this site is for SHARING!!! That is what we do. We also give SUPPORT to those that need it. We try to HELP anyone that asks for something. And we all RESPECT one another’s ideas and recipes.

And the moderators here will defend this site, fellow moderators, members, guests and all recipes/hints/ideas posted. WE will NOT put up with your negativity and all the attacks you have given to the moderators, members, guests, recipes, etc.

REMEMBER - this is a recipe site…if you have issues with it - then leave the site. Don’t try to spoil it for others - it won’t happen. So either post recipes, make/answer requests and stop the negativity or move on!

Kitchen Witch

Oh - and by the way Shadows - Ron is the site administrator - and he is the person responsible for purging anything that is negative and uncalled for. Be thankful it is not up to the moderators and some of the members here - because YOU would be the one purged and there would be no problems with the site. Only since you joined has there been any trouble.

Kitchen Witch


It is you that tends to offer insult. Carry your self indulging torch elsewhere!



I try my best not to get involved in meaningless spats on this forum.

If you don’t want to get into it with moderators and others, than don’t reply to their posts.

If you have a problem please contact me directly. Negative posts in public only lead to more of the same.

I’m quite sure if you don’t say anything to them then they won’t initiate anything with you.