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i lost my computer in a home fire on6/11/06 and want to know how i can download the books i purchased last year

email our customer service department - support @ www.recipesecrets.net

Symbols appearing on the Forums?

I sometimes see symbols such as a push pin, a check mark, or Stars accompanying a recipe. I assume the Stars are a rating of the recipe by someone, but what about other?

I’m having a hard time adding a signature to my profile. It looks like I successfully added one but it’s not showing up in my posts. Can anyone help?

I’ve logged in and tried several times to share a recipe without success. Can you send me step by step details on how to accomplish this task? Also, does the fact that the HTML code is Off have anything to do with the difficulty I’ve been experiencing? If so, can it be turned on and what steps need to be taken to do that?