Favorite Cookbooks?

As I have lurked over the past couple of days, I’ve been impressed by the variety of recipes posted by and the quality of feedback from the members of the community. :slight_smile:

So, what kind of cookbooks inspire cooks like these?
I’d like to know!

My faves rotate but right now the top spots in the cookbook shelf are occupied by:

Cookwise by Shirley Corriher
The Betty Crocker Cookbook circa 1968 (1972 reprint)
The Service Cookbook (Volumes 1 & 2) by Ida Bailey Allen

I also like looking up the antique (1920 and before) cookbooks available on the Project Gutenberg website.

The majority of my cookbooks and my favorites are cookbooks done by local groups. The Telephone Pioneers have several really good ones done by different state chapters. I also am a field editor for Taste of Home a Remain publication and like their magazines. I have all of Paula Deen’s cookbooks cause she is a southern cook like me, but I tend to stay away from most cookbooks you find in bookstores because most of them don’t have recipes I enjoy cooking. I guess that is the reason I like this site so much because we have people contributing from all over the world so most everyone can find some that suit their taste!

My favorite cookbooks are Cuisine at Home, Southern Living, Cooking Light by Southern Living Kraft food & famialy, Fleishmann Treasury of Yeast Baking, Pillsbury 2006 hard bound cookbook, and my cookbook that was published 19 and Paula Deens I also have some very old southern recipes that are handed down by my ancestors I mean hundreds of them form back to the 1800 to 1999 I have them on CD’s in my bank vault and in file folders, spiraled cookbooks that I have put together as I brought the things to put the books together my self I also do water colors for the covers and inside to. I have the recipes sectioned off like vegetables, breads and etc. just like a regular cookbook that you would find in a book store it is a lot of fun to put your own cookbook together and save the money you would have to put out for someone else to do it for you.

Have a very good night!!!

The one I reach for the most is Southern Living’s Ultimate Quick & Easy Cookbook, followed by Cook’s Illustrated magazine. When I want comfort food or am going to a Pot Luck dinner, I reach for my old cook book that was put together by my Church more years ago than I care to say, lol.


I have oodles and oodles of quick recipes and I have posted some of them in The Favorite Recipes section of the site they are all made from lean ground beef and all are very good to. I have also posted some in the Crockpot section to I did this for you and hope that you can use some of these. As you say you have 6 children and I know for a fact that children love these kind of recipes. They are super easy and quick under the 30 minute ground beef recipes I will post some more in a little while. Please feel free to bombard me any time you want to for help I would really love to help you or just to have a friend to chat with, I would also love that to.

Hey i always have that problem as you do and get the same response anything you want to have is o.k. with me. It makes me so darn mad, GRRRRRR!!!

Got to for now and put dinner on the table will be back later:D

LOL, Southern Belle! I guess I wasn’t clear…If I had 6 children, I would be institutionalized, hahaha. Just for clarity, lol…I have two grown children, two grand daughters my husband and I in the household.

I have been checking out the ones you posted and they look great! Our kind of food, I plan to try some of them next week. I will let you know how much we love them. Thank you so much!

Still laughing…you made my day!


I love church cookbooks. My current favorite is a book done by local Romanian church. I really am a cookbook junkie. If I am at a garage sale I HAVE to buy the cookbooks done by local groups and churches. I am not too much into the mainstream mass published books.

I agree with you. Some of the best recipes are in those books! There are very few cookbooks today that are worth their price in the bookstores. I have so many cookbooks that I have to have a room devoted just to them! And I keep buying. Last year I donated 448 books to an organization and I stillk hven’t made a dent! But since I made “room” of course I found more that I wanted!

We have a bookstore (new and used) about 2 1/2 hours from here. It’s a nice ride and I always ask if they could lock me in for the night because of all the bookds they have - then I could enjoy myself all night long. But I have found some really fabulous OLD books, church books, “society” books, etc. I even found the first editions of the Watkins books! Some of them I would never trade/sell for anything. Some go way back to the 1800’s.

I still have family recipes (that are falling apart) written in Italian that I am working on. I think my best bet is to scan them into the computer before the disintegrate on me! LOL

I was putting together some of my cookbooks myself with the spirial binders we that doesn’t work very well when you cut your hands so much so I stopped that, LOL. I thought I would like to do that but I really don’t. I have several Church cookbooks that I did for my Church and they want me to do another this year, so guess I will I have a lot of home cooked, baked recipes that I can share with them.

I just found this site today … I just wanted to share my favorite cook book “The Mixer Bible” by Meredith Deeds & Carla Snyder … Awesome recipes to use my Kitchen Aid mixer …

Welcome to RSN Recipe Tam!

There are many recipes here - but I don’t think we have any from “The Mixer Bible”. It would be nice if you would share one with us!

We have a great site here with many active members and if you need anything just give a holler. And of course, we hope that you enjoy our site as much as we do! Welcome aboard!

Kitchen Witch

Here’s my all time favorite five:

2)The Joy of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker and Ethan Becker
3)All recipes
4)Recipezaar: Where the World’s Recipes Are
5)Beyond The Bread Basket: Recipes For Appetizers, Main Courses, And Desserts by Eric Kayser

Kitchen confidential by far greatbook