FAVORITE kitchen gadget?

Loved hearing about the most useless kitchen gadget…anyone up for telling about their most favorite can’t live without gadget?

Can I go first? Hope that’s allowed.

I’m joined at the hip with my immersion blender with the mini-chopper. Take away my blender, take away my food processor…just let me keep my immersion blender with it’s side kick.

I love my immersion blender too, but that is actually an appliance. I think my most useful gadget would be my vegetable peeler.

Mine is a small blade spatula that allows me to get into tight spots to get all the goody.

I’ve started making pizza in half-sheet pans (13 x 18 inches). It’s easier than a round pan. I just roll out the pizza dough with a rolling pin in the sheet pan. I use a Oxo dough scraper as a pizza cutter, since a round pizza cutter can’t cut pizza on the raised sheet pan edges. Works great all around (square pizza in a sheet pan and dough scraper-pizza cutter).

Whoops, I goofed, an immersion blender is an appliance, not a gadget (I still love mine though)

OK, my favorite gadget is an item I bought for $1.00 at one of those kitchen stores in outlet malls. It’s a heavy duty red plastic item that looks similar to the old fashion bottle opener. It’s for opening jars that won’t open with a rubber jar opener. All you do is fit it under the lid bottom & push. It pops the jar top & PRESTO! it easily opens with just a turn. Hope I explained that right.

I have a 2nd favorite…my heat resistant spatulas that can be used in very hot pans without fear of having a meltdown (I won’t name the brand, not sure it’s allowed).

Another gadget that I really like is an infrared thermometer. It’s great, you don’t have to touch the object to take its temperature, just point the thermometer at it. It’s great for measuring how hot a skillet is, hot oil, the oven, warm water for yeast, etc. They start at about $ 25.

I love my lemon reamer; it’s gets all the juice out. Also my Japanese mandolin, great for getting very thin slices.