fish recipes

been buying a lot of fish lately mainly cos of the availability of good quality “swimming” fish here, even the salmon is fattier and nicer…

cantonese style - ussually grouper or sea bass
clean the fish & place on top of spring onion stalk, sprinkle ginger clices on top
steam the fish on high heat (roughly 13 mins for a fish 1" thich, 17 for 1.5" etc)
while fish is steaming, prepare gravy - mine is simplified version of 1tbs boiled water, 1tbs good quality soya sauce, 0.5 tbs shaoxing wine, pinch of sugar and microwave for a min (or u can steam for 5 mins)
when the fish is done, pour away water in dish
garnish with loads of spring onion, pour the sauce over
the most impt step is to pour boiling hot (&i mean really hot) oil over this & serve immediately

teochew style - normally with black promfret
clean the fish & make 3 diagonal slits down to the bone
rub salt & white pepper (a pinch each) over
put a slice of ginger (pounded for more flavor, slice of socaked mushroom and slice of carrot into each slit
into the mouth goes a quarter tomato and soutr plum (slightly opened up with finger)
place another sour plum in the plate & about 3 tbs of boiled water
steam over high heat for 12-18 mins depending on size of fish - meat comes off bone easy when cooked nicely

fried fish - typicall salmonm, cod, halibut or simple kuning
i like my fish crispy so i normally just fry in my non-stick pan

sometimes i eat with belacan chilli, hae bee
a simple sauce to make is
in a little oil (reuse the salmon/cod oi if available), fry ginger andleek/spring onion strips until soft
add oyster sauce and sugar and mix
if too thick, just add a tbs of boiled water and pour over fish

grilled - ussually, salmon, cod or halibut
simple - season with dill or english parsley olive oil or butter, salt, black peppeer & juice from half lemon & some zest
not so simple - bean paste or miso, flesh from 1 sour plum & mix until fine paste, marinante a couple of hours, squeeze some lemon juice & brush honey over to grill