Dear Chefs,

Can you provide me some information on All purpose flour, Cake flour, Self raising flour , Regular flour, Others and their uses .
All purpose Flour is used for :
Self Raising flour is used for :
Regular Flour is used for :

Other Flours :

Question : What kind of Flour are good for making Cake ? making Bread ? Making Pancake ? making Cookie ? Making Tost ?


All-purpose flour can be used for all kinds of recipes.
Self raising flour can be used for recipes that call for salt and baking powder, but you would have to eliminate the salt and baking powder since it is already in the flour.
Regular flour is another name for all purpose flour.
There is also cake flour which produces a lighter cake than all purpose.
And there is bread flour which is higher in gluten and produces a better bread than all purpose, but all purpose can be used.
I use all purpose flour for pancakes.
I am not sure what you mean by “tost”. Do you mean toast? If so, toast is made from bread.
I hope this helps.