Free Chicken Recipe Ebook

Free Chicken Recipe Ebook.

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All right Jayna and Ron!

So cool having a chicken E-cookbook on my Desktop!
I’ve just begun to look through it and have already
found at least 3 recipes so far that I want to try.
One for Cranberry Crockpot Chicken which, I’m
hoping the chef doesn’t mind, but I have some
Pork Chops I need to use and I think this recipe
would work well for them too. I love fruit with meat
of all kinds, beef, lamb, pork, poltry or fish and
especially cranberries. The E-book is a great
idea! Thanks :smiley: 8)

The chicken recipe ebook is fantastic! Thanks very much
Warmest Regards
Kerry (NZ)

Hi Ron When I tried to download the free Ebook I couldn’t do it is there a reason why. Alice

Your daughter is just beautiful, what a sweety. I don.t blame you for being proud

:smiley: Thanks for the chicken recipes!

Thank you for taking the time to create this E*Book! Cooks from all over are greatly indebted to you!! :smiley:

Thanx for the e-book.
It’s great that you took the time to do it…and
I loved seeing my own recipe in it!


Hi Alice! What happened when you tried to download the ebook? Email me directly ( and I’ll see if I can help you, okay?


Thanks so much for taking the time to put these together and have them available for us. You are very sweet.

I just had my first opportunity to review the free chicken ebook. Excellent job and I can’t wait to try several of these recipes.

Hi, just downloaded the chicken recipe book. Thanks it’s always nice to see new ways to make chiken.

Thanx for the great cookbook. The recipes all sound delicious. nancy :stuck_out_tongue:

Have just downloaded and had a quick browse of the chicken recipe
e-book,and what I see I like.Very good thankyou :stuck_out_tongue:

Dear Ron. I have enjoyed being a part of the recipie secrets family. You are doing a great service for the home cook. Many thanks and keep the good stuff coming.
Tehmu - India

[i]Hi Ron-

Thank you for the chicken e-cookbook. I  looked through a few of the recipes & can't wait to try the Carmelized Garlic (I love garlic!) Chicken. I just bought a [u]whole bunch[/u] of boneless, skinless chicken! Can't wait! Thanks again for your effort on this (and the others that helped you?)  [/i]

Ron, are you going to make chicken recipe book available to mac computors. i would sure love it.,as i can’t get to most of the things you post. (I WISH I HAD BOUGHT A WINDOWS FORMAt. ) thank you

I just tried to download the chicken recipes and it didn’t work. Please help!!

Please email me ( and let me know what kind of problem you are having. I will see if I can help. By the way, I heard from someone who said it worked for them on the 4th try.